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John Meagher: Do the right thing, Louis, and give that €500,000 to charity


Louis Walsh outside the court with his barrister Gavin Bonner

Louis Walsh outside the court with his barrister Gavin Bonner

Louis Walsh outside the court with his barrister Gavin Bonner

THANKS to a combination of hard work, finely honed showbiz instincts and downright good luck, Louis Walsh has become fabulously wealthy.

His lavish lifestyle – which includes opulent homes in Dublin, London and Florida – is the stuff of dreams for most of us.

And, it’s fair to say, the Mayo man won’t be grappling with the finer points of Michael Noonan’s Budget next Wednesday. Not for him the worry about making ends meet at the end of a monthly pay cycle or the fears of those who pray their jobseekers allowance won’t be cut.

Louis has made so much money that he never has to work again – and, if he fancied a handy million or two, he could always offload one of his homes.

Even a dashed-out autobiography would probably make him the sort of cash that those on the average industrial wage might see over the course of a decade.

When you’re that wealthy you can afford to be generous to those truly in need. Which is why the very best thing that Louis could do with the €500,000 he deservedly won in his defamation case against the Irish Sun yesterday is to donate the whole thing to charity.

His name has been well and truly vindicated and now he has the chance to share the love with people who really need it. Just think what the homeless charity, Focus Ireland, could do with that cash? Think of the far happier Christmas that all of those people who are forced to sleep rough in the streets of Ireland could have.

Louis was in understandably jubilant mood at the steps of the Four Courts yesterday and if he does the right thing with his payout, he can help ensure the numbers of poor souls forced to sleep rough in the environs of this venerable building are reduced – temporarily, at least.