Thursday 22 February 2018

John Drennan: Coalition's foundations are being eroded by steady drizzle of disbelief

Poll shows that the electorate is deeply sceptical of claims by Government -- and Sinn Fein is capitalising, says John Drennan

Today's Sunday Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne national opinion poll is redolent of the occasion when RTE broadcaster Sean Duignan delivered a report on the news that hinted at major political changes but did not openly say what they would be.

Afterwards, one of the wiser variants of the plain people approached Duignan, winked at him and said, "Jaysus, Duignan, you were saying nothing on that television, but I know you knew something."

The poll may appear to suggest that with the exception of a few small and un-noticed Labour casualties, all is well in the heaven of the coalition. Look more closely though and it is clear that seismic changes are afoot in Irish politics.

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