Thursday 14 December 2017

John Bruton: Mitt Romney is neck and neck in the polls with Obama, but it will all come down to 11 key states on the day

Mitt Romney. Photo: Reuters
Mitt Romney. Photo: Reuters

THE latest national opinion polls show Mitt Romney running neck and neck with President Obama in the election to take place next November. On the face of it, that should put him in with a very good chance.

But the election is not won in a single, one person one vote, national election, but on a state by state basis, by accumulating electors in the Electoral College. Not all States allocate Electoral College votes in the same way. Some do it on a “winner takes all” basis, and some do it proportionately to the number of votes the contenders got in the state.

The Real Clear Politics website attempts to predict how the Electoral College votes will break down. Their analysis can be found at

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