Tuesday 20 February 2018

James Demspey: If Tim Burton's latest dollop of gothic macabre isn't for you, try out The Raid instead

Johnny Depp starring in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp starring in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

PERHAPS you’re not the kind of person who seeks out obscure Indonesian films in specialist arthouse cinemas of a Sunday evening? Each to their own, as the proverb says. No no, don’t worry about it, honestly. The Raid may not be for you. Have another slice of American Pie. Go see that new Tim Burton one, you know, the one with Johnny Depp in it. And Helena Bonham Carter. In period setting. With a hint of gothic macabre. Pale make-up. Camp humour. It does look different.

Foreign film can be a hard sell to western audiences. After all, one man’s exotic masterpiece is another man’s subtitled stupor. If the thought of another navel-gazing drama starring someone you’ve never heard of – nor whose name you could sound out with any reasonable certainty – leaves you nonplussed, braving the consumption damp of our early summer to trek all the way to the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield may seem out of the question.

But you would be missing out on what is arguably the best action film of the year.

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