Monday 11 December 2017

James Dempsey: The nation might have said yes, but I’m giving over-hyped Prometheus a big NO

IT starts off as a whisper and builds until you can’t contain it anymore. The hype has been building over a number of months, boiling over with feverous rapture at every new viral video, hearts skipping a beat with the release of every new production still. You wait. Its release seems so far away, and yet so tantalisingly close. The other blockbusters come and go, but you hold fast. This is going to be the one. Prometheus, the blockbuster that plays with fire.

And suddenly, after the costumed heroes have done their derring do, after the children have beaten each other to death, after the wretched remakes and reeling reboots, the Oscar-baiters, the bromances and Titanic 3D, it arrives. And it could never hope live up to the weight of expectation.

It’s a curious curse, being the most anticipated film of the year, especially in a year of heightened anticipation. This summer alone we’ve seen the Marvel assembly-line produce arguably the greatest superhero movie of all time, and it won’t be long before DC’s Dark Knight rises up to reclaim his title. There’ll be a suped-up Spiderman swinging his way across the silver screen for good measure, but none of them compares to the pedigree of Prometheus.

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