Tuesday 24 April 2018

James Dempsey: Are movies like Project X turning a generation of young men into misogynists?

ARE we allowing modern movies to define a generation of young men as latent misogynists, turning a blind eye to what amounts to blatant objectification of women and teenage girls, as long as it comes packaged behind the peals of puerile laughter?

This is what I found myself wondering after going to a showing of Project X last Monday, the new teen sexploitation comedy masterminded by Todd Phillips, better known and considerably better regarded for the Hangover movies and a back catalogue of shady slacker sensibilities.

On producing duties here, Phillips and director Nima Nourizadeh have crafted a film that revolves around three undeniably loathsome high school losers, who, when given free run of a family home in suburban Pasadena, decide to host an epic house party in the hopes of putting themselves on the radar of the coolest kids in school. The shindig goes viral, spirals out of control, and ends up as a full-scale riot causing millions of dollars of damage, but it’s all okay, because the following day, all their classmates remember their names.

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