Friday 25 May 2018

James Dempsey: 37 seconds of gruesome bad taste that gave even hard-core horror fans a real fright

The Pencil Fright Fest
The Pencil Fright Fest

"EXTREMELY disturbing... Misogynistic... Horrifying... Likely to cause mental and emotional trauma to your unborn progeny!"

Such were the descriptions across the Internet this week for something shown at the Film 4 Fright Fest, a film festival for fans of the most grisly horrors that celebrated its 13th year in London last month amid controversy. What movie exactly had whipped up the frenzied hyperbole of the blogosphere to such heights, you may be wondering? The Human Centipede 2? A Serbian Film? Keith Lemon: The Film, perhaps?

None of the above. Instead, it was Turkish filmmaker Can Evrenol’s 37-second bumper that had the white knights of the Internet up in arms.

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