Monday 19 February 2018

It's time to ease the tax burden on ordinary people

Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail have the ingredients needed to make the system work again, says James Fitzsimons

Electing a high-tax government will see us return catastrophic years
Electing a high-tax government will see us return catastrophic years

Sinn Fein capitalised on the losses sustained by the Labour Party in the recent local and European elections. Voters had enough austerity and they're turning to whoever will make things better for them. Politicians have had it easy until now. Maybe the winds are changing and something better is on the way. But it's not likely to come from a paramilitary party with anti-business policies.

Fine Gael is not for turning and it has been lucky until now. The electorate has not been as harsh as it could be. Most people accept that there was a need for austerity, even if it was excessive. Nobody has a solution and that's why so many have turned to Sinn Fein. They are not ready for mainstream government and their values are too extreme.

If Sinn Fein gets its way, we'll all be on the minimum wage and pay even higher taxes than we pay already. They have no cohesive economic policy for the country even though they talk the talk that wins the most votes. What they have going for them is that they listen to the vulnerable when everyone else turns away. The Labour Party were their only hope, but they abandoned them once they got a taste for power.

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