Saturday 18 November 2017

It's not tiny dresses that are 'deplorable' but the awful attitudes

It's a prudish sort of outrage to issue decrees over dresses worn by 15-year-old girls

Rules: The Facebook page which laid down the disco dress code
Rules: The Facebook page which laid down the disco dress code

Ciara O'Connor

A Kilkenny disco for 15 year olds was an unlikely candidate for breaking the internet last week, but after a Facebook post clarifying their dress code, they managed it.

The post was prudish. Dripping with moral outrage, it cited the 'deplorable' outfits of last year's mid-term ball as grounds for a 'neat and discreet' dress code for girls that specified no plunging necklines or hems above the knee.

After the post went viral, the organisers stressed that a dress code has always been in place, since the disco started in 2005. They missed the point. While any organisation is well within its rights to enforce a dress-code, it was the language that recalled a scandalised 1860s southern gentleman and drew the ire and hilarity of the millennial internet. The organisers of the mid-term ball were accused of being backwards and sexist.

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