Thursday 22 March 2018

It's easier to get blood from a stone than openness from RTE

The national broadcaster pays a fortune for star presenters, but evidence suggests we'd put up with any old nonsense on RTE, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

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Eilis O'Hanlon

Who'd have guessed that RTE presenter Sean O'Rourke was such a tease? "Coming up after the break," he declared last Thursday as he previewed the next topic lined up for discussion on his morning show: "Because he's worth it."

Disappointingly, O'Rourke wasn't about to go rogue live on air and start defiantly defending his own salary in the wake of the publication of a retrospective list of RTE's top-10 earners in 2015, which showed that he took home €290,113 that year. He was referring instead to Brazilian footballer Neymar, who's been sold for a record-breaking €222m to Paris St-Germain. (O'Rourke seems cheap by comparison, but then again how good is he at free-kicks?)

He did chair a brief debate on the matter of RTE salaries on last Friday's show, during which, oddly, he referred to himself in the third person as "Sean O'Rourke" and even "the occupant of this chair", rather than plain old "me".

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