Thursday 18 January 2018

It is time for fresh elections before the country is brought to its knees

Government is paralysed by fear but recent seismic events dictate that voters must come to their senses

The full effects of Brexit have yet to be felt in Ireland Stock photo: PA
The full effects of Brexit have yet to be felt in Ireland Stock photo: PA
Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran

In the last 10 weeks, two of the most significant events in a generation have taken place at a time when the country is governed by what is turning out to be one of the weakest administrations in the history of the State. The time has come to shout loudly and clearly: enough is enough. The next election, whenever it comes, cannot come quickly enough. But when it does, will the country come to its senses? We had better hope so.

Both of those events relate to the European Union, which itself is still reeling from an existential crisis presented by the fall-out of an ill-conceived common currency followed by a massive economic and banking collapse.

The events are Brexit and the Apple tax ruling of last week. Separately, both have the potential to set back the economic development of the country by a generation; together, the medium-term impact of both events could have even more devastating consequences, for which the country is manifestly totally unprepared.

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