Saturday 24 March 2018

It could be you but in all honesty I'd much rather it was me

It's a lottery winner's duty to live it up on behalf of the rest of us skint losers. That's what dreams are for

SPEND, SPEND... SPENT: 1960s pools winner Viv Nicholson
SPEND, SPEND... SPENT: 1960s pools winner Viv Nicholson

Eilis O'Hanlon

The fact that an Irish ticket holder won this week's €88,587,275 million Euromillions jackpot has at least put paid to the tired cliche about the country being full of begrudgers.

Everyone seemed to have something to say about it last week, and while there were a few odd moans - Mick Wallace complaining that Morning Ireland was more interested in talking about the lottery rather than his latest attempt at Leaders' Questions in the Dail to bring down the Garda Commissioner, for instance; or random virtue signallers on Twitter wittering on about how the winner should give the money to the homeless, as if it was any of their business anyway - most of the comments were positive.

We all wished it had been us who'd won last Tuesday's mammoth jackpot, obviously. That's only human. But most people didn't begrudge whoever had got the golden ticket their good fortune.

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