Wednesday 13 December 2017

If you can't find anything to feel persecuted and victimised over, you can just make something up

Campaigner Caitlin Moran
Campaigner Caitlin Moran

Barbara McCarthy

In my lifetime, I've been flashed at seven times. Unsavoury highlights include missing a plane because of a man revealing himself to me en route to the airport and being exposed at twice in one day - once from a guy inside a car, then a few hours later in the middle of the baths in Budapest.

Back home, I've been called a tranny and when I used to host a karaoke night, a half-dozen or so people thought I was a man.

It's grotesque and offensive, but when I multiply days in the year with my age and humans I have encountered on the street in my life, it's an insignificant number of people who have been rude or perverted. I also join every living person who has been subjected to rude and vile sexist, racist or moronic jibes for no reason.

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