Friday 15 December 2017

If Ed 'I'm not cool enough to be at Glastonbury' Sheeran is the best it can now offer - that's one regret off my list

Singer Ed Sheeran. Photo: PA
Singer Ed Sheeran. Photo: PA

Catherine O'Mahony

I envy people who claim to regret nothing. This is not true of me. In fact, to borrow a phrase from Nora Ephron, 'je regrette beaucoup'.

I regret random things, some of which are reasonable, such as not learning Italian in my teens. I can tell you with authority that taking on Italian in your 20s is not easy, especially if you go to lessons in Germany and thus are translating backwards twice over.

I also regret silly things like never learning to wear high heels. Had I done so, I might be able to enjoy weddings and other fancy heel-requiring events. What was my mother thinking of, insisting on us only wearing flat leather sandals as kids (something to do with letting our feet breathe)? Now flat leather sandals are about all I can wear comfortably. And there are very few social occasions in modern life where the wearing of flat leather sandals is acceptable.

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