Thursday 15 November 2018

I survived the rental warzone: my life as a consumer heretic

Soldiers of the housing crisis can be sure they are not the first to deal with the bedsit front line, writes Donal Lynch

Donal found himself sharing with a furry friend
Donal found himself sharing with a furry friend
Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

The woman with the loud American accent leans against the railings of the park and sobs into the phone. "You could open the stove from the bed," she tells whoever is listening. "For €1,500 a month. Is this how I'm going to have to live?"

I hurried past her and felt a pang of pity, but also the urge to give her some hope, without being condescending as to her plight.

I wanted to tell her I too have been to the battleground of, and survived; significantly poorer, chastened and with a new concept of what constitutes a 'kitchen area', but still very much alive. "Embrace the convenience of being able to cook breakfast without getting up," I wanted to say to her. "These are the bohemian bedsit years."

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