Tuesday 20 March 2018

I don't want your pity – life outside Dublin is fine

The picturesque countryside of Laois
The picturesque countryside of Laois

John Fardy

I am to be pitied. You might not know it necessarily to look at me. I'm a normal enough looking fella. The facts of my life are also pretty normal – wife, child, mortgage, job, etc. But, you see, recently I moved to Co Louth and now I commute into Dublin every day and thus I have discovered a very contemporary phenomenon: 'commuter pity'.

Commuter pity is played out in exactly the same way every time; you tell people you've moved outside of Dublin and the first response is invariably the incredulous, "You come in from there everyday?" and then that is followed by a "poor you".

Occasionally that's followed by an inquiry about your life that might explain your bizarre choice? "Do you have a sick relative?" "Are you on the run?"

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