Wednesday 19 September 2018

How to get the attention you want from the press

It helps if you are keen, and famous but mostly if you have a story of value to share

Greta Garbo Photo: Evening Standard/Getty Images
Greta Garbo Photo: Evening Standard/Getty Images

Victoria Mary Clarke

I have been asked to give a talk about how to get the attention of the media. Like a foodie who gets asked "What would you cook on Masterchef?" an avalanche of ideas comes tumbling out. Many of my colleagues in the media are horrified at the thought of actually being featured in the media, but luckily for my audience, that has never been my problem.

Getting the attention of the media and let's face it, getting attention in general, has been a passion that I have nurtured since I was a teenager and got myself in Image magazine, by sending them my photo.

And so, what to tell these people? Obviously, it helps if you are keen. If you are already famous, it is easier to get attention. You can get enormous amounts of attention as a famous person by telling the media to leave you alone. Greta Garbo built her entire career on this strategy, and Kate Moss almost never talks to the press, which fascinates people. Famous people become more famous by physically attacking press photographers. Chris Martin allegedly hit one with his jeep after being spotted with Gwyneth Paltrow on a night out, post 'conscious uncoupling'.

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