Monday 23 April 2018

Household spend figures should give us all some food for thought

"Those in less affluent areas have a far higher proportionate spend on food than the people with more money." Photo: Stock Image

Sinead Ryan - Notebook

The latest household spending survey shows we're an inconsistent people. The spend on booze has the biggest drop and there's a kind of smugness in thinking, "Good, I knew I had cut down on the old weekday glass of wine", while the rational bit of you is sensing it's all a con. I mean, have we cut back? Are we really spending less? The truth, naturally, is that we're not.

What we are doing, as the research points out, is simply buying cheaper and drinking more of it at home. Sorry, I know that's a bit deflating, but there you have it.

The statisticians also dryly point out that people "tend to under-report their expenditure on alcohol".

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