Thursday 18 January 2018

Hillary is exactly what voters turned against - and what happens next is anyone's guess

Hillary Clinton. Photo: Reuters
Hillary Clinton. Photo: Reuters

Niamh Gallagher

The column was written. America's first female president. A historic moment akin to Barack Obama's victory in 2008. The glass ceiling shattered and an overwhelming sense of opportunity and possibility for so many millions of women and girls around the world.

Of course, there would be challenges. Hillary Clinton would have her critics, women amongst them.

Her status as an incrementalist, a consensus builder, someone who sought compromise would not be good enough for some one-time supporters. But she was there and it was a start. She would pave the way for women of the future and, in the highest office, make women's rights a priority, provide visibility for women's issues and - hopefully - promote women to some of the most influential jobs in the land, providing even more role models for the generation coming up behind. For women, Mrs Clinton's election was progress: real, visible, tangible progress.

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