Monday 20 November 2017

Helern Moorhouse: No need to keep up with the Jones’s anymore ... the recession has screwed them as well

IN a parallel universe, it's Friday night, and you're savouring truffled ballotine of quail with friends, debating politics, fine art and the three plays you've only managed to see this month.

In the real world, it's Friday night and you're impatiently waiting for the big treat of the week – the M&S meal deal, a large glass of wine and pressing 'play' on the episode of The Bridge you've been saving since last Saturday.

It's May, it hasn't stopped raining since the dawn of time, it's freezing but you don't dare put the heating on again, and that damned recession is inescapable. Troikas, bailouts, austerity, Noonan – Take me to the parallel universe because this one sucks.

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