Thursday 14 December 2017

Helen Moorhuose: Two out of three of us are fatties ... that means you and the guy on my other side are overweight

THE future's looking pretty bleak, it seems. From Fritz Lang's Metropolis through Blade Runner, through all the various incarnations of 1984 right up to The Hunger Games it looks like it'll be quite dark and wet , much like the present, and our clothes will be pretty awful. Robots will be ruthless, observation will be constant and there will be a lot of hovering.

And the humans? Think Wall-E. No, not kind and gentle environmental types who content ourselves of a bleak, dystopian evening watching old Barbra Streisand movies. It's more likely that we'll transport ourselves in automated devices, consume hastily-made, readily-available food in substantial portions and be quite round in the midriff area. Oh, hang on...

Statistically, apparently two out of three Irish people are overweight or obese. That means that if we sneak a glance at the person either side of us and if one of them's skinny then the unhealthy one is us. How the hell did that happen? Lovely cheese and onion crisps, that's how. Lovely crisps and and fry ups and croissants and chocolate bars and breakfast rolls and those pastry and cheese crowns (inexplicably called 'jambons') and cappuccinos and lattes and vats of popcorn and cheesy nachos at the cinema and chips, glorious chips.

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