Saturday 16 December 2017

Helen Moorhouse: Why separate rooms and a good night’s sleep are the key to a happy life (and marriage)

THERE’S a lot to admire about Queen Elizabeth II. She's an aspirational figure – at 86, her grace, energy, wisdom and diplomacy are staggering. But QE2 has one thing in particular that I covet the most. Her own bedroom.

If she wants, she can jump on the mattress and sing into her hairbrush undisturbed, she can read under the covers with a torch, she can put her Andrew McCarthy and Morten Harket posters up – and she can get an absolutely cracking night's sleep.

Whoever it was that decided that it was an essential part of a couple's commitment to crawl under the same duvet night after night in search of rest, was obviously someone who slept like a log, happily paired with someone else who slept like a log. Isn't this lovely, they'd say, as they woke each morning in the same position they fell asleep in, at a respectful distance from each other, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Oh yes, the rest of us whimper, crying because our partner's alarm is going off.

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