Saturday 20 January 2018

Helen Moorhouse: We need to teach our young people that there is always help, there is always hope

THERE are simply no words. How do you begin to comprehend how Lorraine Gallagher's arms must ache to hold her girls today, two-thirds of her family gone because her beautiful daughters have tragically taken their own lives.

Being a teenager nowadays must be more of an uncertain no-man's-land than any of us can imagine. They carry adult-sized burdens on child-sized backs. They aren't fully wired to deal with the issues that bombard them day in and day out – school, exams, jobs, relationships, social standing, self-esteem. But still we expect them to cope – aren't schooldays the best of your life? And the young folk today have never had it so good, of course.

And as if the everyday stuff weren't hell enough, then how do they stay strong under the added burden of unexpected tragedy? Like Shannon Gallagher's, who saw no other way to deal with the unbearable grief of her sister Erin's suicide than to imitate her.

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