Sunday 17 December 2017

Gucci boy's small steps into a world of fashion wonder

The true potency of parental support is to be found in the grip of the hand or the murmur in the ear

Philip Treacy: The success of a design great is not solely down to the support they receive
Philip Treacy: The success of a design great is not solely down to the support they receive
Sophie Donaldson

Sophie Donaldson

When the six-year-old Just Marcolino Claudio was photographed last week at London Fashion Week Men's wearing head-to-toe Gucci, tummy puffed out with pride, he emanated the kind of self-assuredness that surely came from these two things: knowing every person around you thinks you look "swag" and wants your photo, and the slightly more imperceptible but no less powerful feeling that comes from unbridled familial support.

With his brothers, aged eight, 11 and 18, he forms an under-age but impeccably dressed posse that stormed fashion week in co-ordinated designer gear. Their stylish French parents couldn't be prouder. Some may baulk at the thought of a pre-schooler in an outfit that cost more than their rent. But putting the Gucci aside for a moment, there couldn't be a better thing to do for a child with a love for fabulous clothing than wholeheartedly support their sartorial endeavours.

Still sceptical? Consider an eccentric French grandmother named Marie. Had she not encouraged her flamboyant grandson's penchant for sketching the scantily clad women of the Folies Berger, the world may never have been privy to Madonna's infamous cone bra, its outrageous conical silhouette owing much to the young Jean Paul Gaultier's rude sketches.

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