Tuesday 23 January 2018

Grace Dent: There’s nothing empowering about girls who expose their bodies online

BRAVO to MP Diane Abbot for shouting loud yesterday about the effects on young women of an increasingly "pornified" Britain. Ah, this fresh exciting new sexy teenage landscape; where our small sons glean sex education by watching a nine-person gangbang on a Nokia phone screen, topped up with a constant glut of YouPorn clips, the boy’s sex comic Nuts and "sexting" (ie, amateur porn featuring schoolgirls, swapped among boys often acquired via threats or blackmail).

Meanwhile, our daughters learn about sex and love from free porn clips, their hero Rihanna’s inability to wear knickers or stop sleeping with the man who attacked her, the pole dancing option in PE class, burlesque being pushed as a hobby and those glorious episodes of Britain’s Next Top Model where teen girls are sent on a “raunchy lad’s mag shoot”, only to be turfed off the show in disgrace when instinct warns them not to be photographed with their legs open and their fingers in their gob.

“Carrie-Anne,” the judges will hiss, “you didn’t give it 100pc – we felt you were holding back and being uncooperative!”

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