Thursday 26 April 2018

Gay Byrne: Me, Stephen Fry and the meaning of life

Gay Byrne, whose interview with Stephen Fry about his spiritual beliefs went viral last week, says that the actor was just asking the very same questions that non-believers usually ask of those with faith - and explains why the Catholic hierarchy never come on the hugely popular show

Whats it all about then? Gay Byrne and Stephen Fry
Whats it all about then? Gay Byrne and Stephen Fry

I was not in the least surprised by what Stephen Fry had to say about God on The Meaning of Life, because Stephen is an atheist. He was just a little more passionate and committed and strong about it, and more articulate, than other people.

The difference with Stephen Fry was that he put it up on the internet before it had even been broadcast.

He got, first a million, and then two, and eventually four million hits, and everyone thought this was exciting beyond words. My only reaction was the thought that if all those people were to send me one euro each, wouldn't I be on the pig's back? I was told it didn't work that way.

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