Thursday 19 July 2018

Ending harassment in workplace will definitely not stop true love

The #MeToo campaign is not a moral panic, however the reaction to it may well be

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

Ciara O'Connor

With every day bringing a new story and a new hollow apology, it seems the Pandora's Box of harassment has been well and truly opened - and there's no going back. For many, this has been welcomed as a long overdue re-examination of the often fraught relationship between men and women, the powerful and the powerless. Others, with tedious inevitability, have wondered whether, perhaps, we're going Too Far.

If this not-insignificant faction is to be believed, we are in very real danger of doing away with romance. In our rush to get rid of predatory old creeps in the office, we are sweeping away all possibility of any sexual interaction. After all, didn't so many happy couples meet at work?

This comes after Westminster's 'dirty dossier' revealed an apparent epidemic of politicians getting 'handsy' at work. A few names on the list are there because they entered into mutually consensual relationships with co-workers. This has been taken as evidence that we've lost the run of ourselves in the wake of Weinstein.

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