Thursday 22 February 2018

Eilis O'Hanlon: Words are now deemed more deadly than bullets

The latest murder in Belfast isn't a threat to the peace process, but the natural result of the twisted logic of the peace process, says Eilis O'Hanlon


Eilis O'Hanlon

There are only a few months to go before the start of 2016, and, bang on cue, the shooting starts again in Northern Ireland.

From fatuous re-enactments of past violence to real-life reconstructions in one fell swoop. The victim this time was former IRA hard man Kevin McGuigan, gunned down by two masked men in front of his wife as he returned to his home in east Belfast.

The killing comes only a few months after another one-time IRA hard man - there are a lot of them about in the North - was killed in similar circumstances not far away.

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