Friday 23 February 2018

Crunch time for canvassers as 'undecided' numbers grow

The majority of people Carol Hunt is meeting on the doorsteps are still unsure how they are going to vote

Independent candidate Carol Hunt. Photo: Fergal Phillips
Independent candidate Carol Hunt. Photo: Fergal Phillips
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

'A plague on all your houses". If I were to honestly encapsulate the impression I'm getting from the electorate at doorsteps into an ancient phrase, it would have to be Shakespeare's ruthless put-down. With more choice than ever before - a huge variety of parties and alliances and Independents to pick and choose from - the prevailing mood seems to be one of mass indecision.

I know that the latest polls put the number of undecided voters in the country at between about 15pc and 20pc but this one in five estimate is not correlating to what I'm hearing at doorsteps. In eight out of 10 cases what I'm hearing is "I don't know".

I'm not a professional observer of human behaviour, but I don't think people are just trying to fob me off when they say this. They could just say - as one man did - "There's no way I'm ever going to vote for an Independent, but, eh, thanks for your time", before they close the front door, but they're not. They want to talk. And they want me to listen. They want to tell me all the reasons why they don't want to vote for any of the proposals on offer.

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