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Comment: Jobs would not have tolerated app howler

SOMEONE'S going to get fired for this. In Steve Jobs' time, they would have been verbally eviscerated before being forced to take a long walk off a short plank.

Apple boss Tim Cook may not be the intense shouty type, but it's unlikely he'll allow a cock-up of this magnitude to go unmarked.

Jobs' attention to detail was legendary, so it beggars belief that someone at Apple was not in charge of scouring their new iPhone Maps app for errors.

There were always going to be a few minor problems with a project of this scale.

But it's worrying for Apple that the internet was alive with details of howlers within hours of the Maps app going live on Wednesday.

Apple relies on several sources for the information displayed on-screen, with satnav giant TomTom one of its biggest partners, alongside the likes of NASA and social media site Yelp.

The fault for the myriad mistakes undoubtedly lies in one or more of the layers of information supplied by third parties.

You can bet there'll be more than a few sniggers at Google headquarters over Apple's discomfort.

Google had until this week supplied map information to iPhones, but after a falling-out in recent years Apple had vowed to phase out use of its services in its products.

Besides the laughter, that shrill noise you also hear is the ghost of Steve Jobs screaming.

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