Saturday 25 November 2017

Claire O’Mahony: Reasons to feel ‘meh’ about the Oscars

This year’s nominations, brought a whole heap of surprising disappointments says Claire O’Mahony

Michael Fassbender: missed out on Oscar nomination
Ryan Gosling's satin scorpion jacket deserved a nomination.

Is it too much that we ask for a little constancy, when it comes to celebrity, at least? Are we being too demanding in desiring that the pop culture sphere, unlike the real world, should be a source of reliable escapism, one where the Kardashians are relevant, Lindsay Lohan is on bail/in jail and Jennifer Aniston may or may not be pregnant?

Sadly, it would appear this is not the case. If you’ve just about recovered from the Seal and Heidi Klum split, you were probably hoping to find solace in the Oscars where, usually, you are guaranteed the following: a film that you thought would be a dead cert is overlooked; at least one celebrity whose stylist was clearly on drugs and some God-awful musical number.

But this year’s nominations, announced last week, brought a whole heap of surprising disappointments. No ‘Bridemaids’ or ‘Harry Potter ‘for Best Picture? Really? And did anybody really understand ‘Tree of Life’ Whatevs. One of our main gripes are the following is that it’s a poor Irish show. Honestly, we had been at Michael Fassbender saturation point. There he was, facing you down from every magazine shelf with tag lines swooning about his Irish-German good looks, with subtle and not so subtle references to his full frontal glory in ‘Shame.

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