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Christy's leap of faith from Sinn Fein to Shane


Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke

Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke

Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke

He was once in Sinn Fein. And now Dublin's Lord Mayor Christy Burke is reported to be considering joining the independent alliance run by the somewhat more plummy Dublin South TD Shane Ross.

If the ex-Shinner was elected he would certainly add colour to the Dail. During the whole Garth Brooks fiasco, he described the singer's non-appearances as "like a funeral without a corpse".

Answering his own previous concerns that Ross was "too right-wing", Burke said in an interview this week: "You can be right-wing at 3 o'clock and speaking left-wing at 3.30."

We tend to go along with Marx (Groucho not Karl): "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them, I have others."

Did you flounder in a state of fatigue at work this week after staying up late carousing and getting up late over Christmas? According to a report this week, many of those with the January blues are suffering from "social jetlag".

Was that previously known as a hangover?

Good week, bad week


The ex-minister and novelist showed himself to be a decent chef when he appeared on the TV reality show, The Restaurant. He impressed judges with a chicken broth with matzo balls. But at one point he joked about “circumcising a croquette”.

Ooh, painful!


A survey made the shock finding that they are not considered the most untrustworthy profession. Almost a third of respondents (31pc) said they would trust bankers to tell the truth, way ahead of journalists and estate agents on 22pc, and politicians at the bottom on just 16 pc.

No, we didn’t make that up.


Irish hospitals performed their usual seasonal party trick by hosting their patients on trolleys. HSE boss Tony O’Brien, pictured, said he agreed that the situation in Irish hospitals “couldn’t be categorised as safe”.

Sure why would you go to an Irish hospital when you’re ill? Are you mad or what?


A North Dublin pub caused uproar after it advertised a drinks promotion with €3 pints called Welfare Wednesday. The night was promoted on an ad with Department of Social Protection logo. The publicans apologised and dropped Welfare from the promo.


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