Wednesday 21 March 2018

Christina Patterson: Didn't anyone ask Katie Holmes what she was doing marrying Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri
Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri

IT never seems polite to ask the Mrs Merton question. It always seems, in fact, a little bit rude to ask a pretty young actress exactly what it was that made her fall in love with an older actor who's very, very famous and very, very rich.

But surely someone must have asked Katie Holmes just what she thought she was doing when she agreed to marry Tom Cruise? Surely one of her friends would have sat her down and said that yes, the teeth were nice, but that the trouble with marriage was that you weren't just marrying the teeth?

Surely someone would have said to her that the fame might seem like a good idea, until you had a spot, or a bit of cellulite, and then you'd wish Obama would forget about healthcare and pass a law forcing all women to wear the niqab, but had she, for example, given any thought at all to her fiance's religion?

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