Monday 11 December 2017

Chris Lowry: Recession? Depression even? A lot of us are far better off than we think we are

YOU couldn't make it up, or at least I couldn't - I don't have enough of a sense of irony. Last weekend, in the middle of an economic meltdown supposedly so severe that many people are struggling to feed themselves, let alone keep their cars on the road, I found myself caught in a monster traffic jam. At two o'clock in the morning.

Sitting behind a pink limousine.

And this was no ordinary pink limo (if there is such a thing), this stretched to a good 30 feet in length. It had evidently been pimped at enormous expense and its massive frame shook with the booms from its sound system. And yet you'd barely have noticed it, because the street was jam packed with hundreds of other, almost equally opulent vehicles, all blasting similarly loud music, which in turn was all but drowned out by the tunes flooding out of the dozens of heaving nightspots. Recession? What recession?

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