Monday 16 July 2018

Celebrating a man who wiggles his hips when he walks is a step in right direction

The way we walk is a powerful means through which we can express ourselves, writes Sophie Donaldson

Era-defining garment for secretaries everywhere
Era-defining garment for secretaries everywhere
Sophie Donaldson

Sophie Donaldson

What does your walk say about you? That you are confident, perhaps, thanks to that hip-slinging swagger. Uptight, maybe, given your rigid march. Or you might come across as a little bit lazy considering you tend to schlep around the place. There is no doubt our walk says many things about us - but can a certain gait make you more attractive? A senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, England, set out to find the answer and released his findings last week.

Apparently the first of its kind, the study set out to find a correlation between typically 'attractive' female physical traits and the way women walk.

To conduct the research, 37 women with various body types were dressed in the same T-shirt and leggings, with reflective markers placed on body parts including hips, waist, forehead and navel, and filmed while walking on a treadmill. The footage was then digitally altered so only the reflective points and lines between them were visible, resulting in striding neon stick figures. This footage was cut into 10-second clips and watched by 75 people who graded the walking figures on their attractiveness.

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