Saturday 18 November 2017

Caitlin McBride: Like it or not, 'bikini bridge' is a real thing and a very real danger

It has been brought to my attention by relentless, let's call them 'enthusiastic' social media-ites that the origin of the 'bikini bridge' is believed to be part of a hoax campaign started by 4chan.

For those of you unfamiliar, 4chan is an online forum comprised mainly of anonymous users, which specialises in memes, gifs and general tomfoolery. Their recent prank highlighted the 'new' craze of the 'bikini bridge' - a very real phenomenon, which the joke website inadvertently played as a hoax - despite its origins steeping as far back as 2009.

It is in fact, a very real concern as most women will understand. I thought the 'thigh gap' was an outrageous aspiration when I first heard of it. Not because of a high moral stance or the general consensus that it promotes an unhealthy body image; but because as far as I was concerned, some slimmer girls always had a gap between their legs. Even when I was at my slimmest, I never had the elusive gap and that was just how it was.

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