Wednesday 21 February 2018

Brendan O'Neill: The Twitter tantrum over the rumoured Princess Bride remake exposes the immaturity of my generation

What is more annoying: Hollywood unwittingly exposing its artistic exhaustion by continually remaking movies/TV shows from the 1980s, or the fantastically predictable response of thirty-something kidults who treat every such remake as an invasion and pillaging of that lovingly cultivated bit of their brains titled "Childhood Memories"? It’s the latter.

Sure, Hollywood might be so hard up for ideas that even the super-naff 1980s can start to look like a bottomless well of wonderful storylines (there’s even discussion about a Hollywood remake of Rentaghost, FFS). But the nostalgic preciousness of people who are knocking on the door of 40 and who want their pasts to be preserved forever in formaldehyde smacks of something far worse than cultural laziness – it stinks of infantile cultural protectionism.

The thirty-something adultescents were at it again yesterday, when a rumour swept through the Twittersphere (where these people spend a large part of their lives) about a possible remake of The Princess Bride. First released in 1987, The Princess Bride is a somewhat overrated fantasy story involving farmboys, giants, kings and a very knowing narrator with his tongue pressed firmly against his cheek. It didn’t make much of a splash in ’87 (how could it when the far superior Robocop was also released?), but over the years it has transmogrified, largely as a consequence of film-critic revisionism, into a cult classic of the Eighties which all culturally switched-on people must dutifully profess to love and bore on about at interminable length at dinner parties.

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