Monday 15 October 2018

Authorities have apologised to me. So should Adams

The findings of Sir Keir Starmer, says Mairia Cahill, will prove to her young daughter in the years ahead that her mother did the right thing. The report brings some comfort in the face of a barrage of abusive attacks on her

Mairia Cahill
Mairia Cahill

Mairia Cahill

'One issue I wish to make clear at the very outset is that no blame in relation to the collapse of these cases attaches to Mairia Cahill or the other two victims. The Public Prosecution Service let you down, and for that I wish to say sorry."

That is what I needed to hear from the North's Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory in relation to the Starmer review on Friday - not necessarily for me, because I agree with him, but for my family, and particularly my four-year-old daughter. She is too young to understand now, but, as she grows, due to the public nature of my case, she will learn of my experiences, and of what ultimately happened when I tried to hold my abuser, and other republicans, accountable for the trauma that they put me through.

And when she does discover, I want her to know that her mammy did the right thing. That no one worked harder than me to try and ensure my court cases were the strongest they could be. That I felt like I was fighting my own case at times over those long four years. And that I told the truth.

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