Friday 24 November 2017

Antonia Leslie: "Finally, heroin has lost all its mystique for me"

"It's no
 surprise that Peaches Geldof 
appeared to be functioning 
normally despite being 
back on the deadly drug

Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof

Antonia Leslie

The tragic death of Peaches Geldof must have sparked off all the usual "what if" questions in the traumatised minds of her family and friends. That's what happens every time some young person - it's always a young person - succumbs to a heroin overdose.

The truth is they should not torture themselves like this, they have enough grief to contend with. The truth about heroin addiction is that there was hardly anything any of them could have done. Occasionally, an intervention will help, but mostly heroin addicts are literally in a world of their own - and you cannot reach them.

Heroin is like no other drug once it takes a hold of you. Life becomes a secondary thing. You actually don't care if you live or die now or some other time, somewhere down the road. Future is just a funny word. Heroin is reality and heroin is now.

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