Wednesday 21 February 2018

Andy Robertson: The future of television has arrived and it is not remotely like anything we’ve ever seen

OUR TVs will soon no longer be controlled by traditional remotes, but by fully integrated apps and devices that can flash up captions and even let us play games.

If an man's home is his castle, perhaps the living room is his country getaway. Retreating nightly to the opulent pleasures of modern leisure sees him whiling away evenings in front of an impressive array of technology. However, an increasing number of boxes, screens, controllers and cables can sometimes make a night in front of the television more trouble than it's worth. Surely some of this technological might could be spent on making things a little easier to use?

With the passing in May of Eugene Polley, creator of the television remote control, we'd do well to remember the value of usability. His 1955 Flash-Matic controller used light to change the television channel. It may look rudimentary by today's standards but Polley's invention instantly saved couch potatoes from billions trips from the settee to the television set.

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