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Always lying, and always telling the truth

Declan Lynch



There's a line about Trump that resonates with me more than all the other 40m lines about Trump, and it came from the film-maker Michael Moore: "Trump is always lying, and he's always telling the truth. That's what makes him such a great performance artist."

Always lying, always telling the truth - you could see it after the impeachment "acquittal", when they contrasted the reaction of Trump to that of Bill Clinton in similar circumstances. Clinton was apologetic, at least in a formal sense. Trump ranted for an hour, venting his rage at all those who had crossed him.

Almost everything Trump said during this performance was factually inaccurate - he lied and lied about what he had done, and what he had failed to do. Yet in a bigger sense he was telling the truth. He was telling the world that he hated his adversaries in this matter - and he was going to do them down if he possibly could.