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Aisling O'Connor: With McCartney, Moss and Middleton in its kit bag, can London Olympics hold a torch to Beijing?



LONDON has some task at hand with the 2012 Olympic Games this summer - Beijing is a tough act to follow. Based on the opening ceremony alone, this year’s organisers will be hard pressed to beat 15,000 multi-coloured dancers, marchers and acrobats; a giant scroll of 897 floating blocks; and a 2000 Millennium-grade fireworks display. The Chinese event was even described by film-maker Stephen Spielberg as, ‘arguably the grandest spectacle of the new millennium’.

So what does team London have up its sleeve? Well, Olympic official channels are keeping mum about the opening ceremony. What is known is that Brit director Danny Boyle is the creative director of the ceremony and David Beckham will carry the flame (as half the world carries for him).

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