Wednesday 22 November 2017

Aisling O'Connor: Everyone’s talking undies these days ... it must be something to do with St Valentine’s Day

David Beckham
David Beckham
Michelle Obama. Photo: Getty Images

THERE’S a lot of talk of underwear these days. The media are crazy to get into David Beckham’s and Michelle Obama’s undies. And why wouldn’t they be: she of fashion and First Lady prowess; and well we’ve all seen David Beckham’s body.

Such an odd chain of events has put lingerie and underwear on the front pages of newspapers, websites and blogs in recent weeks. Michelle Obama’s name was plastered on the pages of the British tabloids and then all over the internet, having allegedly broken the cardinal rule of First Ladydom, spending big money on lingerie.

The story reported, seemingly without merit, that Shelly-O had closed down risqué lingerie designer Agent Provocateur’s New York flagship store and dropped $50,000. The GOP of course jumped all over this - a presidential money/sex scandal during an election year is the stuff of dreams. Although these could have been purchased with honourable intentions, either for her herself (she is a modern woman after all) or a surprise for her husband, the White House vehemently claimed that the story was pure lies.

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