Tuesday 17 July 2018

A 'Yes' to the introduction of post-parent parenting?

I've misread family law injustice, admits John Waters, who believes 'marriage equality' will spell end of biology being a relevant factor of parenthood

John Waters

John Waters

It occurred to me during the week that, for the past 20 years, I may have been wrong about what is happening in family law. I realise this is a pretty dramatic thing to concede at this stage of the game: what set me thinking like this was a family law judgement in a UK case last week, widely reported in the news here, about a so-called surrogate mother who lost custody of her 15 month-old baby girl to the father and his gay lover.

The mother claimed the child, who was conceived after an insemination process at the gay couple's home, was always going to be brought up by her, with the father's involvement. She denied the couple's claim that she had entered into a surrogacy agreement with them, but the judge refused to believe her, accusing her of seeking to use the father as a sperm donor. Ms Justice Alison Russell - who last year became the first UK High Court judge to insist on being addressed as "Ms" - declared the mother "homophobic" because she has tried to "smear" the father by criticising the gay lifestyle.

She also criticised the mother for breastfeeding her child to "frustrate contact" between father and child and manipulate the court into supporting her custody claim.

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