Thursday 19 July 2018

A criminal way to wield power

Harvey Weinstein deserves no pity - he has been given far more chances than real addicts like me, writes Bryony Gordon

Harvey Weinstein. Photo: PA
Harvey Weinstein. Photo: PA

Bryony Gordon

I am currently in rehab, about halfway through a three-month outpatient programme that will, higher-power willing, help me to live a life without drugs and alcohol. It's quite sobering to sit in a room with people you didn't know 50 days ago and announce that your name is Bryony and you are an addict, because addicts are the people crouching in shop doorways begging for money, right? Addicts are pallid and ghostly with track marks up their arms, right?

Well, yes, sometimes. But they are also women who drop kids off at school in sharp suits before heading to the office, men who pull it together to make sure they run at least 10k a week because then they can tell themselves they don't have a problem. They are people like me. They might even be people like you.

The people they are most certainly not are people like Harvey Weinstein.

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