Thursday 24 May 2018

Comment: Men should loosen up when it comes to their beloved's number of former lovers

Modern mania for honesty won't get us anywhere when it comes to sexual history, writes Ciara O'Connor

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Ciara O'Connor

A recent survey has revealed the magic number of sexual partners it's acceptable to have. Hallelujah, we cried, finally a truth to live by.

In truth, it's more like 'numbers' plural, because with crushing inevitability, it showed that men and women have rather different ideas of the right number for the opposite sex.

Generally, women are far more forgiving of a past in their lovers. Across most age groups, women had a higher 'acceptable' number for their partners. In our 20s, we ladies will apparently allow up to 10 - but men of the same age will grant us only seven (after which point presumably we are spent and so rounded up and sent to Slut Island to think about what we've done).

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