Monday 11 December 2017

Comment: Listen up boss, give us a bonus instead of a Christmas party - or better still, give it to someone in need

Photo: Depositphotos
Photo: Depositphotos

Lorraine Courtney

It's late November and if you work in an office-type environment, you've probably already got an email about the forced cheer you are about to live through with your colleagues. Inevitably, this will be on some upcoming Friday evening that should rightly have been your own.

It's office Christmas party time and along with annual certainties like pre-Christmas diets and cinnamon drinks in red Starbucks cups, you can expect that upbeat email pinging its way into your inbox soon. What to wear? When to show up? What time to call it a night? How to leave without telling the IT department that you really spend your day listening to podcasts? Me and my massive wine mouth.

You've probably read your first magazine article of the season too, telling you how not to behave at the office Christmas party. These kinds of fluffy articles usually advise us things like the fact that it isn't a great idea to take your top off on the night. But if summer's the time to get off your face at festivals, Christmas is when you make an epic fool of yourself in front of colleagues.

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