Saturday 18 November 2017

Comment: Dirty Dig at Joe Brolly cheapens a very serious issue

Joe Brolly and Conor Cusack
Joe Brolly and Conor Cusack
Gaelic football analyst Joe Brolly Newsdesk Newsdesk

Joe Brolly wrote a column in this paper last week which included a story about how after an under 10 team he coached lost a game they were, "All sobbing like contestants on the X Factor until I snapped at them, 'Quit yapping boys, it's embarrassing'. At which point the tears were switched off."

This prompted Conor Cusack, brother of the more famous Dónal óg, to tweet, 'Distressing to read this in a national newspaper this morning from an U10 GAA coach & we wonder at men's high suicide', an over-reaction so wild and hysterical and downright unconnected with what Brolly had said as to make you wonder what the hell was going on there.

At which point I remembered that Dónal óg is no fan of Brolly and once gave out about him at length from the top table at a GPA meeting. Cusack Minor, it seemed to me, had used Brolly's unremarkable statement as a chance to land what is technically known as a Dirty Dig. A 'Hit me now with male suicide in my arms' kind of dirty dig.

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