Wednesday 18 September 2019

Will Robbie do Fox trot in his natural habitat again?

Robbie Fox with his wife Martina. Photo: David Conachy.
Robbie Fox with his wife Martina. Photo: David Conachy.
Ryan Tubridy
RTE presenter Mary Kennedy. Picture: David Conachy
Dr Gilvarry's brother-in-law Francis Brennan is on hand to help out with the PR for her new book Doctor On A Diet. Photo: David Conachy.
Carol Anthony and her beau are living it up in Dubai
Helen Goldin
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

The Fox trot, anyone? The Fantastic Mr Fox could be returning. Robbie Fox - for it is he - told me that he would not rule out a return to his natural habitat - nightclubs - next year perhaps. Robbie, of course, ran the Pink Elephant nightclub from 1980 to 1987 and then Renards in the same venue in South Fredrick Street in Dublin from 1990 to 2009. Both clubs were, of course, a second home to the likes of Bono et al. Bellucci's, Robbie's hugely popular restaurant on Merrion Road, has been a second kitchen to the likes of Bono et al since it opened in 2011.

Indeed, when Robbie and his daughter Megan attended the U2 show at the 3 Arena last Tuesday night, the aforesaid Bono gave Robbie and his old club Renards a big shout-out from the stage. When I met Robbie he gave a recently departed friend a shout-out of his own...

"I was always happy to bump into John Reynolds - mostly in the courts - as he was a great one for 'the gossip' in the business. Although we had known each other over the years, I didn't really get to know him until we set up the Nightclub Owners' Association in the early 2000s. John had a wonderful and cynical sense of humour and we had many a laugh together. John was one of the nice guys and sad to say he exited far too early. He'll be missed."

Added another Bellucci's regular, Guggi: "John was a truly beautiful, kind and generous man."

As is Mr Fox. But that's another tail.

Late late show for Tubs as he makes a House call

Ryan Tubridy

Your diarist didn't see him leave, so I can't confirm how late of a late, late night it was. I'll have to leave that to your imagination. Last Friday week, Ryan Tubridy (above) pitched up at House on Leeson Street after his Late Late Show. Tubs, who had around seven guests with him, sat on a table in the garden area of the hipster emporium. He and his coterie arrived a little after midnight, around 12.30am, before taking possession of their VIP spot.

The RTE star enjoyed, you'll be delighted to hear,  a well-earned bottle of beer. Tubs possibly needed the alcoholic refreshment after his slug-fest with presidential candidate Peter Casey earlier. Doubtless he didn't lose control. And if he did, we'd know all about it.

Grandees book their place at Kathleen's celebration

DC005 Kennedy .jpg
RTE presenter Mary Kennedy. Picture: David Conachy

The official unveiling of Kathleen Watkins's new book Happy Christmas, Pigin! will be this Tuesday evening at Dunnes Stores headquarters on South Great George's Street.

The great - Gay Byrne - and the good will be there, naturally, to wish Kathleen all the best on the launch of her latest bestseller.

Among the grandees expected on this night of nights will include: Marty Whelan and wife Maria, Neven Maguire and wife Amelda, Nuala Carey and Senator Marie Louise O'Donnell among many others.

Neven won't just be pitching up. He will be singing for his supper, as it were.

In fact, he is making it - all the designer food on the night will be specially prepared by the award-winning TV chef extraordinary.

Speaking of people who are extraordinary on television, beautiful Mary Kennedy will be going straight from work on Tuesday night to the launch in town of her good pal Kathleen's highly anticipated book.

Mary - who spent the weekend prepping for commentary on the presidential inauguration - is just back from Ypres and the ridge at Messines and German and Allied cemeteries in the area of West Flanders where she was filming a series of World War 1 programmes for her RTE show Nationwide.

Jet-set life for Carol and Ian

Dr Gilvarry's brother-in-law Francis Brennan is on hand to help out with the PR for her new book Doctor On A Diet. Photo: David Conachy.

It's all smiles in the Sligo home of Dr Paula Gilvarry and husband Damien Brennan. Paula's wonderful book Doctor on a Diet: Five Stone Lighter And A Whole Lot Happier is number three in the non-fiction charts.

The only slight drawback to the atmosphere of bliss in Yeats country is that Granny Brennan has not been well - "and needs more minding. So that is occupying us all".

Also occupying Paula, apart from their home that is still on the market, is that she has lots of queries about cooking demos in the New Year.

The response to her book has been understandably so massive that should Paula do the cooking demos she will need to hire brothers-in-law and RTE stars John and Francis Brennan to help out with the PR. In the meantime, Paula and Damien are looking at taking a quick holiday in Lanzarote in December.

Carol Anthony and her beau are living it up in Dubai

Cork girl Carol Anthony and her football icon BF Ian Rush are spending Christmas in Qatar. Before that they are jetting to Mauritius on November 23 for a two-week sojourn.

Carol has just bought an apartment in Dubai - "not for leisure but for hard rental business". How do I know this? Because Carol told me herself from Dubai where she is currently on business with her long-term beau Mr Rush.

Helen becomes a Goldin granny

Helen Goldin

It was a goldin moment. Last Wednesday at 11.08pm - Katie-Jane Goldin gave birth to a baby girl, Addison Gold Scallan. Parents Katie-Jane and Barry Scallan were overjoyed, with the former saying: "We are completely in love already."

Completely glamorous granny Helen Goldin told me Addison was; "A beautiful bundle of Christmas joy." Remarkably, for a woman who looks so youthful, this is the second time she has become a grandmother (Katie-Jane has three-year-old Spencer).Helen's boyfriend is Irish movie star (Sleeping With The Enemy, etc) Patrick Bergin. With an endlessly crying baby in situ, perhaps Katie-Jane and Barry will indeed feel they are sleeping with the enemy?

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