Monday 19 November 2018

What about sunshine? What about rain?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

John Masterson

I had never realised Michael Jackson was such an environmentalist. But then like many people I suspect I got distracted by all of the sideshows that surrounded the man - from Bubbles the chimp and the Moonwalk, from whether his nose had fallen off to the colour of his skin, from the Thriller video to questions about his personal life, to the big trial.

These were big distractions but there were plenty of songs that caught my attention. I knew he was the King of Pop, that he sold hundreds of millions of records, and that he bought The Beatles' songs (much to Paul's annoyance) - but I never tried to see him perform. I most certainly didn't know that there was a lot more to the man and much to admire.

During the recent ridiculous weather, when we suffered more pestilence than our righteous country deserved, I found myself coping with cabin fever by bingeing on television.

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